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The old lion and the fox

Story Book: Who lives in the zoo?

  We watched a short story about Ben and Bella who took a trip to the zoo. At the zoo they see a mother monkey crying because she has lost her baby. Ben and Bella walk around the zoo trying to find Charlie the missing monkey. Charlie likes to eat peanuts. Ben and Bella follow the trail to find the lost baby monkey. Then we picked the animal we liked best in the story. We started drawing the zoo animal using an animal drawing card. Once completed we shared our pictures with our friends and told them what animal we saw. We then added all the pages together to make a class story book that we put in our reading corner. Kids loved looking at the pictures and reading this little book they made together.

Zoo Floor Map: How can we find our way around the zoo?

We spoke about all the things we saw in the zoo. How would we find our way around the zoo? A map of the zoo would be very useful. Kids worked in teams to design their zoo. They discussed who would draw animals and what colors they would like to use in their group zoo map. After all the maps were completed, each group shared their zoo map and told their friends what animals could find in their zoo.

Let’s build a zoo!

Kids use their zoo maps to construct a zoo with blocks. They worked together to build the enclosure and add elements such as rocks, trees, water bowls and toy animals to their zoo.

Zoo Enclosures: Where do the animals live? What do they need in their enclosures?

We discussed that all animal enclosures are different. What do you think we should put in each enclosure? Trees or grass? How about a cave or some rocks? We started by making a background picture to place inside our enclosure! Kids worked together in groups to complete the task.

Keep animals clean and healthy: How does the zookeeper care for the animals?

We discussed and made a list of all the items we would need to clean and care for our animals. Kids made a poster together showing how to care for our animals and what cleaning supplies we would need. The kids got to look at the real items. We put soap on our scrubbing brush and started to wash out animals .Before we could start to wash our animals, we had to collect all our equipment and check it off on our record sheet. The record sheet was completed after each task. Kids also had to record if there were any problems with the animals such as flea, ear infection, or bad teeth.

Feeding the animals: How is the animals’ food prepared?

Feeding the animals is a big job. All animals eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables. We need to wash the fruits and vegetables very well, so our animals don't get sick. While kids worked, we spoke about the different fruits and vegetables they were washing and which anima will eat this fruit or vegetable. After our fruits and vegetables are cleaned, they need to be cut into bite size pieces for the animals to eat. While cutting the vegetables the kids took turns telling their friends what fruit or vegetable they would like to cut next. Kids looked closely at the fruit or vegetable and spoke about the color. They also looked inside and pointed out the size and color of the seeds.

Feeding Time: How much food should I feed each animal?

What kinds of food will different animals eat? To find out we followed a feeding list showing how much of each item the animal will eat. Kids discussed which animal’s food they would prepare. They took the food from the different tubs and placed them in bowls next to the animals’ pictures. Once the animal’s food was prepared, the animal was checked off on the list.

The Vet: What does the zookeeper do when animals get sick?

Sometimes the animals get sick. Who can we take the animal to? The zookeeper takes the sick animals to our zoo vet. Our animals were weighed and measured. Their ears were checked and the vet listened to their heart rate. Our vet puts on her special doctor’s coat, and ready to see her sick patients. Some animals had to stay in hospital. The vet had to look at each cage to see what treatment the animals needed. Some animals had broken legs, and some needed to get an injection. The vet and the zookeeper worked together to treat the animals.

Natural Habitats: Where do zoo animals come from?

We learnt that there are 6 different habitats that animals live in. The Rainforest, Wetlands, Ocean, Arctic, Desert, Forest. Do you think all animals live in a zoo? Do you think all animals live in the same places?Animals don’t come from a zoo. They are born in other places. This is their natural habitat. Where do you think the alligator would live? Can a lion live in the same place as an alligator? Kids predict what animals live in each habitat as a group. We did an activity where kids got to sort the animals into their appropriate habitat.

Habitat little reader:

We made our own habitat little reader that we read with our friends. Kids picked from a variety of different material to create their own animal masks. Look I’m a snake! Look I’m a rhino! My alligator has a very big mouth. Hard at work on my alligator! It’s looking great!